Got Writer’s Block For Your Website Content?

At some point, the day will arrive (or it may have already arrived) when you sit down to write content for your website and you’re stuck for ideas.

You gaze at a blank screen and don’t know what content to write. And you know the more quality content you create and propagate all over the internet, the better chance you have at turning your website efforts into a successful online business.

But don’t worry. Here are some great ideas to get past your writer’s block and create content your target audience will love.

Take a look at Your Competition

What have they published recently? Is their information or facts incomplete? Or do you have a whole new take on the subject based on your very own experience? There’s no need to mention their website if you don’t want to, but don’t hold back if the issues are important ones for your niche audience.

Content Curation

Content curation is information already on the internet that you re-publish with some suitable comments that puts the information into context. It’s like you providing your audience with “the best of the web” with you as editor choosing the most informative content relevant to your niche.

Check BuzzSumo lists the most up-to-date trending stories throughout the top social media sites in terms of how many shares it got, links, and so on. Either curate the top content or produce your own on a similar topic.

Interview an Expert

Experts will always deliver a unique point of view which can activate your own ideas. Put together your questions in advance of time and be sure you have approval to upload the interview on your website.

Ask Your Audience

If you’re unsure what to write about, ask your audience for questions and suggestions. This provides you questions that are important to your audience and demonstrates to your audience that you really care what they think and feel. It’s simple to generate polls on Facebook and surveys on SurveyMonkey.

Publish Reviews

Critiques of products or services that have a legitimate air of authority and truth to them are the ideal situation for inserting an affiliate product link in order to earn n commission. You should only publish reviews of products you’re familiar with, and should be truthful and not too pushy, so they are of real value to your niche audience.

Tell Your Story

How did you get start out? What motivated you? Nowadays, customers like to feel they are dealing with real people, not automated trading programs. Don’t be afraid to talk about what motivates you as well. Talk about your real-life experiences and how you learned what to do, and what not to do, in the course of working in your niche or industry.