What Is The Best Way For Web Owners Continuing With Link Building?

High PR General Site Or Low PR Relevant Site

With Google taking aim on local quality websites, exact match domain sites (EMD), and any sites paying for links, web owners may be confused as to what is the best way to generate links to their site.

A hotly discussed topic on SEO forums and internet marketing blogs is which back link is better – Non relevant high page ranks, or relevant low page rank sites.

Here’s a list of opinions that have been voiced from around the net.

1. Too Many High Page Rank Links May Damage Your Site

If you’ve been hit by Panda or Penguin and concentrated on generating only high pr links, you know that this strategy definitely does damage to your site. A member on an authoritative SEO forum mentioned, and which I agree to, that large levels of high pr links could hurt your website more than low pr links. It is also argued that because the web is made up of mostly pr0 pages, then having a large number of high pr sites will cause alarm bells.

2. English Sites Should Receive English Links

OK. I think the header says it all. That an English site receiving a handful of links from site in, let’s say French, may keep in line with relevancy. But to have a large percentage of links coming from non-English sites can set off alarm bells.

3. Relevant Links Link Relevant Traffic

Building relevant links to your site is like generating the right kind of traffic for your site. Building links for the sake of it that doesn’t support what your site is about will land you in hot water. But what’s the use of backlinks sending you unrelated traffic? What’s the use if readers won’t cite your site?

4. Natural Link Building Is Key

A mixture of high pr links from different themed sites is not a natural backlink profile. Especially when they come from sites unrelated to your website.

5. Theme Related Links

Having a large number of backlinks isn’t just enough. You need to have a solid link profile, which has a good number of links from sites within your niche. Search engines consider these types of links as the signs of strength, seriousness and popularity of your business within the industry. As you know, these types of links are hard to come by, simply because most of the sites within the same industry compete with each other.

Getting listed in directories related to your industry is a recommended strategy to get such links. Here, sites are submitted to selected niche or industry specific directories that exclusively list websites.


There are many strategies and viewpoints concerning what is a good backlink and what is best for your site. The strategy everyone can agree on is that relevant links from a spread of quality websites is much better than links coming from all high quality sites, or from low quality sites.