Can I Make Money and Be Paid for Online Surveys?

The main problems companies have with online surveys is the fact that people may lie regarding their demographic profile to be eligible for more surveys or even use several different email addresses to obtain different accounts. As people want to make money as easy as possible they often tend to skim through the survey and the company does keeps in mind that some people are being paid to cheat for online surveys.

By lying and cheating on paid online surveys, participants will make more money, but the company will end up with inadequate market research.

It is also important for individual to understand that you can make money and be paid for online surveys, but there are lots of scams out there. One main thing to remember is that signing up to just any cash survey site can result in your contact information being sold to spammers even if you have looked at the sites privacy policy. It is a recommendation to register with a separate e-mail account which can be obtained for free through Google, Yahoo, Hotmail and so on.

Signing up with the paid online survey sites is easy once you visit the site and setup your account and member profile. You will get an email notification to alert you of surveys that match your profile. The email will show you how much can be earned, the time taken to complete and also a link to access the survey. This of course varies from site to site and the earnings can go up to about £5 per survey completed whilst working from home.

Depending on the online survey site you visit, payment can vary depending on the survey itself and the site you’re using to access the survey. There are three ways of being compensated:

  • With cash
  • With points that can be redeemed for prizes or sweepstake entries
  • With new products

So the answer is yes, you can make money and be paid for online surveys the biggest problem is spending long hours on cash survey sites that give you a very low income and also not getting enough surveys to complete with the account you set up with the paid online survey. The best thing is to set up accounts with as many cash survey sites as you can in order to make money as much as possible, once you start rolling in the cash then you can start thinking about going full time.