5 Surefire Signs Your PPC Advertising Plan Isn’t Working

The right pay-per-click marketing plan will maximize ROI and create immediate cash flow, adding massive benefits to your business. Regardless of if you’re a new start-up or an established internet business, it really pays to build a solid campaign. So, to increase your chances for success, it’s imperative that every business owner learn what works and what doesn’t. Below are 5 surefire signs your PPC advertising plan isn’t working.

1. You have no objective

If you don’t have a comprehensive plan in place, you simply aren’t getting the best out of your clicks. First, figure out your marketing budget and then set some basic goals – like the target number of click-generated sales, your costs-per-conversion, and the minimum amount of AdWords conversion you want to hit. Once your goals are in place, your options are to DIY or to outsource to professionals who can take you from the goal setting stage through developing an exhaustive strategy to make sure you’re getting as much return as possible.

2. You chose keywords at random

Simply put, PPC advertising requires laser-focused keyword research to be effective. Keyword research is first done at the initial planning stage, but a competent advertising firm can continue to research throughout cross-optimization to produce even higher conversion rates. Keywords really can make or break your campaign.

3. Your copy is bland

If your advertisement is less than attractive, you’ve missed the point entirely. Your ad is your calling card. You want it to bring in quality leads whenever possible. Strong call-to-actions are one way to ensure an irresistible add. An agency that understands your aim can detail product descriptions and site location to better boost click-through rates.

4. Your landing page is hostile

Your landing page should provide the ultimate user experience. Your landing page should feature focused, simple content that matches the message you put on your ad. High bounce rates can be most often attributed to poor landing page design or unmet expectations. If your landing page reflects your advertisement and offers easy navigation, plus call-to-action buttons sure to meet or exceed client expectation, you’re in the game.

5. You display negative keywords

A rookie mistake, but some PPC advertising campaigns fail because ads are displayed for the negative keywords – those words that you have no interest to rank for and don’t match your landing pages. Obviously, this can be a costly mistake in the long run.

Keep in mind that this type of marketing requires on-going optimization, so it’s not just a “set it and forget it” approach.