Quick Tips to Improve Your PPC Campaigns

PPC campaigns continue to thrive for businesses that implement the right methods. Unfortunately, there are even more companies that struggle with the management of their PPC campaigns and end up losing thousands of dollars on non-performing ads. This gives the PPC market a bad name, when in reality, it’s the misguided marketer or business owner. All too often, business owners go into their PPC campaigns with their sights on the wrong metrics. This is where an experienced SEO company becomes essential.

It’s very important that your strategy focuses on conversions versus keywords only. This is what ensures your ads do what they’re meant to do – to get people to click and potentially buy whatever it is you’re selling. The ideal strategy should incorporate conversion methods to ensure your campaigns will perform optimally.

The following tips can help you transform your PPC campaigns into real winners.

Identify Your Conversion Rate

You can’t improve something without first knowing the problem. It’s like getting a diagnosis from a doctor without having a checkup or consultation. The same goes for your PPC campaigns. In order to improve your conversion rates, you need to identify what it is. You can do this by dividing the total number of conversions (sales, leads, subscribers, etc) by how many clicks the ad receives. Then multiply this by 100 and this will give you a percentage. From here you can watch to see if your campaigns improve or not.

Reverse Engineer Your Campaign

This will help you determine your end goal and how to get there. An SEO company can be very helpful in panning this out. Instead of focusing on the keyword strategy from the get go, think way ahead to the sales or leads you want to generate, then determining the platforms and keywords you want to use. This will build a stronger foundation for your campaign.

Never Stop Testing

A/B split testing is a must if you want to quickly find what works and what doesn’t. You should continue testing even after you’ve found a winner. Most high-performing ads will lose their touch over months or years, so you’ll need to continue looking for different ways to attract and convert users. Remember, even the smallest of changes in your ad or landing page can sometimes do the trick!

If you’re putting together a PPC marketing strategy, talk with an expert at an SEO company to see how you can perfect your campaign.