Advantages of Promoting Business Through Twitter and LinkedIn

Advertising through social networking websites is an important strategy of online marketing. This method of advertising is known as Social Media Marketing. Working on advertising campaigns on sites like Twitter and LinkedIn will pave a large path into expanding a business’s market, among many other benefits.

This method of advertising is usually not known to many people, since social networking sites would probably be considered as just another site to communicate with fiends. The possibilities to using these sites for the benefit of a business is huge.

The following are the advantages of advertising using Twitter and LinkedIn.

1. Since both these sites have large number of users, it would be the perfect platform to advertise your business’ products and services. This way you would be spreading awareness of the fact that your business exists and can be a lot of help to people.

2. Once you spread awareness, you would be increasing your potential market and demographic as well. You would be able to reach a larger audience and improve your sales opportunities.

3. With the increase in the market and the number of people seeing your advertisement, you would be increasing the rate of traffic to your website. This is a great platform where you can interact with people and form a relationship of trust and influence them to visit your website. This way, you would definitely improve the free flow of traffic.

4. Once a good rate of traffic has been established, you would then find that the rate of conversion is also improving. Visitors would visit your website and turn to potential customers. In time, the potential customers would then turn into valued clients who would come back for more.

5. By using Twitter and LinkedIn, you also have the opportunity to advertise using videos and images. Most often companies and businesses, use visual aid to attract customers. You would be able to upload videos explaining the nature of your business and services you would like to provide.

6. An important benefit of using networking sites like these is the ability to choose a detailed location of the ad placement. You can control who can and who cannot view your advertisement. If you wish your ad to be displayed to just a section of the users, that can be done. For example, if you wish to show a certain video to teens who love playing soccer, based on the personal information page of the users, your advertisement would go to this particular selection alone.

7. You will also be able to build quality backlinks that will surely profit. You can place your website’s URL as a tweet. This can also be considered as a backlink. The more the better. This method of advertising is cost effective and you would gain more in every single way possible.

8. This method of SMM will ultimately enable your website to improve visibility online and improve your search engine rankings as well.