How to Use Facebook to Drive Traffic

Facebook is one of THE most popular social networking platforms and has substantial potential. Over and beyond social networking, Facebook can be leveraged smartly to boost your online business. You can use it to promote your products and services, to sustain customer loyalty, to acquire new customers, or to drive traffic to your site. Facebook offers a lot of possibilities that any marketer can be benefited from, and ushering in traffic is one of its prime paybacks.

Here’s how you take advantage of what Facebook has to offer. First and foremost, ensure that your profile is captivating and interesting. Cover all pivotal information that you wish to convey in an entertaining way, in a way that warrants people’s attention. Make sure that your profile page is accessible to everyone and is made public. Allow your imagination to run its course, use pictures and videos and enhance your informative content to be exciting and meaningful. Be as creative as you can be.

Network as much as you can, build it up. Networking is key. A social networking platform such as Facebook allows you to build your network considerably, reaching far and wide. Invite friends, family, acquaintances, and partners to join and support your page. It’s recommended, that you reach out to those who have similar pages and same interests such as you, and spread your wings without stepping on toes.

The base content on your page might be interesting and impressive, but at the same time you must keep publishing new content regularly. A couple of posts a week should do. But ensure the content you publish is short, crisp, interesting, attractive and related to what your business is all about. This will send the message. If you slow down on publishing new content, the traffic will invariably slow down too. So it’s important to keep your existing customers and potential customer engaged.

While taking considerable measures from your end on your page, make time to visit other pages, take part in their discussions and initiatives, and keep the ball rolling. Be seen and be heard, constantly. Social networking enables you to be more frequent and active in all your activities. It’s a fast paced medium, and people are all about immediacy today. So if you want to be part of the trend you got to get in sync and in time with it!

Research and check up on how Facebook apps, widgets, modules and plugins might work for you. Further there are Facebook social ads which is quite similar to how Google AdWords function. You can try implementing those too and see if there is substantial increase in your traffic. By trying some of the tips mentioned above, it could simply be the basic building blocks of success for your business via Facebook. A great profile, an impressive network, and posting regularly are simply part and parcel of the recipe for success on Facebook.