Risks Involved With Social Networking Sites And How To Counter Them

Social networking sites allow you to interact with people from different parts of the world and you might never meet them. While the sites bring about a lot of fun, they come with their risks.

Risks Involved With Social Networking

Sharing too much information: it’s easy to get carried away especially when you see the information that your friends are sharing. For example, while you might have intended to post your party pictures only, you might be tempted to post your family and other sensitive photos when you see that your friends are doing the same.

To be on the safe side you should never post anything that might compromise your privacy. You should also consider selecting the number of people who can see your posts. The cool thing is that almost all social networking sites have this feature that ensures that no one can see your posts unless he/she is your friend. When you do this you protect yourself from any danger that might come about when the wrong person gets access to your information.

Not protecting your personal information: not everyone is your friend online. Remember that it’s possible for people to use your account details and location information to find you or access your online accounts.

This is even more dangerous if they access your financial accounts. To avoid this you should be limited in the amount of information that you give online. Information such as your home address, phone number or any other private information, you should ensure that it doesn’t find its way online.

Forgetting about reputation: it’s common for people to post what’s on their mind on the social networking sites. There are those who post valuable content while others post invaluable content such as naked photos and vulgar texts. Remember that the internet never forgets; therefore, any information you post might come to haunt you later in life.

To be on the safe side, you should always ask yourself whether you will be proud of the post in the years to come. You should also think about the image that you are creating when you create any post.

Cyberbullying: this is when you are bullied on the social networking site. When you are bullied you should block the person bullying you and report the issue to the social networking site. If the site doesn’t take action, you should consider reporting it to the police.


Social networking sites are great, but you need to be cautious with them. By putting the above tips into consideration you will not only enjoy your experience, you will also be safe.