10 More Ways To Get Free Website Traffic

If you’re running an online business, it’s vital that you have a consistent flow of website traffic if you are to achieve success. No traffic, means no customers, means no sales, means no profits.

In my previous article I looked at 10 free website traffic strategies. Here are 10 more.

1. Update Your Website Content Regularly

If you want to get more free website traffic make sure you regularly update the content on your website with relevant quality information for your target audience. The more relevant, unique and helpful it is, the more it will get shared by your readers and the more likely the search engines will rank it highly.

2. Have Easy To Follow Navigation On Your website

If your viewers can’t navigate easily around your website, they’re not going to be able to share it with others. The search engines won’t want to share your content either.

3. Start A Podcast

A podcast is an audio show that people can download and listen to at their leisure. Podcasts give you additional links to your website, which people will click, if they like what they hear on the podcast.

4. Write For Printed Publications

Not everything has to be done online. Many offline printed publications are always looking for both paid and free contributions. look for the publications that your audience likes to read, and then pitch your content to them.

5. Create eBooks

Write small eBooks or reports and give them away on your website for free. Make the content useful and people will share it around. Put a links in your eBook back to your website.

6. Check Your Website’s Load Speed

If your website takes longer than a few seconds to load, not only will you miss out on traffic but on search engine indexing too. Make sure you check your website’s load speed soon!

7. Have A Responsive Website

More and more people are using their mobile devises to search the internet. You’ll get very little free website traffic from Google if your website isn’t responsive to mobiles. Google Search doesn’t index non-responsive websites the same as it does responsive websites.

8. Put Website Links In Your Social Networks

Use your social media accounts to the full. Put links to your website in your profile, tabs, action buttons and more. All of these will help to increase free website traffic.

9. Answer People’s Questions

Answer questions in online groups, forums, and on social media. The more you can establish yourself as an expert the more that people will want to check out your website.

10. Curate Relevant Content

Become the go-to place to get any information in your niche from other bloggers, online ezines, etc by simply collecting links to the content and providing a short comment about each bit of content you’re sharing.