Strategies Proven to Increase Traffic

Businesses often spend hundreds of dollars developing a gorgeous e-commerce website only to discover that they only get a few unique visitors a day. The products are there, but the people are simply not discovering the website. It is then that many businesses realise that they old adage “if you build it, they will come” is simply not true when it comes to websites, leaving owners looking for ways to increase their traffic and give their business the boost that it needs.These tips to increase traffic have come from the top SEO companies, and are sure to help newer websites out.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a must when writing the content for a new website. Keywords will help search engines identify what a website is about, and will help individuals that are surfing the internet find the website. An SEO services company will often do this exact same thing when they are hired.

Then, these experts will make sure to include the ideal number of keywords in the content on the website, guaranteeing that there are not so many that search engines will downgrade the website and put it on the last page, but there are enough so that search engines will still pick up the website.

Fresh Content

Having fresh content is as important as having unique content. For example, let’s say that a company has twenty blogs that they would like to add to their website. Adding all of the blog posts at once will certainly help to increase traffic, but, according to a top rated SEO company, that traffic will decline just as quickly.

Instead, those that provide SEO services recommend adding one or two new blogs per week to keep website traffic at a steady increase. This will also encourage previous visitors to keep coming back to the website and to eventually buy the products.

Social Media

According to a company that provides SEO services, SEO will help to pull up a website, but it can also be used to help bring traffic to social media accounts as well, such as Facebook pages.

Utilising social media pages goes far beyond using the right number of keywords. A company may want to include the latest news in the industry, funny memes that pertain to their services and more engaging posts as well. These will help to increase likes and shares, which will ultimately help to increase web page traffic.


Images are another great way to draw in more traffic. When an individual is looking for a particular image, they often enter a search term and then click on the images tab, bringing up all of the pictures that match their search. Websites that do not use images have a zero chance of being discovered via an image search.

A company that provides services to help increase traffic will recommend that businesses make sure to include keywords in all of their image descriptions. Most search engines will not rank a website lower for overuse of keywords if additional words are used in the description for pictures, and this will help to guarantee images a spot on search results for images.

Websites have given businesses the option to eliminate their brick and mortar stores, helping them to save money while still making plenty of it. On the downside, it can take some time and effort to make sure that businesses show up in the search results and get clients. Without this key aspect being addressed, most e-commerce websites have little to no chance of winding up on the first page of search results. Local businesses specialise in offering these products, helping to guarantee the success of online businesses, and their owners.