Why Is Writing and Submitting Articles So Great for Driving Traffic?

An established online presence and consistently high web traffic is essential for almost all businesses today. Whether you are selling products or providing services, be it locally, nationally, or globally, being known in the web is important in ensuring that your marketing efforts are maximized. This will not only entail great readership for personal pages and blogs, it can also boost sales and repeat business for online enterprises. One of the best time-tested ways to acquire this is with the use of good content, often in the form of high quality articles.

There are various ways you can utilize articles. You can either post them on your own website or blog (blogging) or by submitting them to content mills, blogs that accept guest authors, and even forums.

Why Writing is Important for Driving Traffic

Blogging is one of the oldest forms of fetching more traffic in the Internet, which is why so many naysayers doubt its efficacy in the age of social media. Many believe that social media microblogging is easier, more effective, and can attract more readers faster. While this may apply in some areas, it is not right to say that social media alone can win all of your needed traffic. For once, most social media posts contain links to full articles, blog posts, or news pieces. Facebook, Twitter, and similar sites are only the first front. Also, quality articles with rich content can engage more audiences, explain your point more comprehensively, and give a lasting impact in the particular field that you are in.

Here are some reasons why writing articles and blogging is important:

  • It boosts SEO – this might be the main reason for article and blog writing. With fresh content, you are a step ahead of beating competition when users type in key search phrases. In lieu with this, always optimize content with proper keyword usage and density. Include related terms and expressions to increase the chances of being found on the search results pages. Try to write about your business even regularly without the intent of SEO. This organically increases the chance of ranking higher in Google results, as well as the trust and confidence of your audience.
  • It drives more traffic to your website – writing gives you the chance to create relevant content that is focused towards your target market. More importantly, be sure to make the content of your website or blog the main foundation by which all of your subsequent social media posts are based. Use unique and engaging posts with eye-catching titles and images. This gives your readers more reason to click back to your website. Include inbound links, which can greatly increase traffic towards specific landing pages within your website.
  • It places your brand in the industry – this happens when articles are well written, showcasing the capacity of your company as a leader in your field. Write about things that are deemed important and interesting with your target market. Sound knowledgeable. Offer advice and share your expertise. This way, you market not only your products, but also your skills and competence which can gain consumer trust quickly. The more professional and knowledgeable you sound, the more you can resonate with your readers. Also, as they learn more from you, the higher the likelihood of them returning with further (and regular) business is.
  • It creates stronger and lasting relationships – as mentioned earlier, the readers are the target for these articles. Even though you are aiming for SEO and better traffic, you are also trying to improve your relationship with your customers. Direct connections to and from your website’s pages and articles, people can learn more about your product or services efficiently. It is HIGHLY recommended that you do this, to build and improve trust through information. This cannot be stressed enough – customers of today have a craving for information, and will appreciate if you take the time and effort to add that little speck of TLC to your products and services. Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of actually responding to readers who do leave comments on your articles or posts. Interact with as many of your customers as possible. Answer their questions, clarify discrepancies, and give suggestions. Respond directly on your webpage – this is important, because blogs are searchable for longer compared to social media posts. This allows other customers to see the comments and interactions, which can help them as well.

Why Submitting Articles is Important for Driving Traffic

Aside from posting on your own site or blog, you can submit content on other websites. You can also write for other sites or blogs – in exchange, you may leave links directed to your own site, which readers may click on. One easy way to do this is through article submission sites.

Article submission sites can help you get more traffic without spending anything at all. Remember that articles have a lasting influence not just for you, but for your brand as well. They let you establish your post as an expert in your field, leaving endless possibilities when it comes to influencing and reaching out to readers. For one, they give you an opportunity to share valuable information. And because of the immense increase in the number of websites, more and more articles are being published and submitted by the second.

Article submission sites helps writers and readers alike get right to the point of the subject. Many netizens call these pages “niche summaries” because they are easily scanned and gives all the information you need to know quickly. Submitting articles here is free, which makes article submission sites one of the best ways to reach more audiences without costing a dime.

People call this process of marketing different terms like article writing, article marketing, article distribution, guest posting, guest blogging, etc. The important thing is that it highlights the significance of articles – and more importantly, of quality content. Anyone can write and post stuff online, but only well-written, well-researched, and effective writing can create action: the reader might share the article to others, increasing readership, or he might click on the backlinks, increasing web traffic and – possibly – sales. Use your articles not just for traffic, but to elicit your desired response. Do this by creating and circulating as much content as possible, including backlinks when necessary.

Many website owners and writers use article submitters to distribute their content to numerous sites easily. This can be effective – submitting to tens of sites is without a doubt more helpful than just posting on one site. However, before doing so, be sure to learn all that you have to, and can, learn about your field, the product or service you are promoting, or whatever the article is about. There are also a lot of free article mills and databases online, and these can help increase traffic and reach if done right.

The bottom line: Keep writing. Improve your writing in terms of content, places to publish, interaction with readers, and backlinking to your webpages correctly. These are the most powerful free tools in the online world that you are at disposal of which can greatly increase traffic to your site. Remember that more traffic means more consumers reached, which means more chances of selling, which means more profit and popularity for your brand.